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5 Questions To: Gray Line Sightseeing City Tours

5 Questions To: Gray Line Sightseeing City Tours

We ask, our partners answer. Today with Gray Line Sightseeing City Tours. For more than 130 years, they have been showing Munich’s visitors the city’s most beautiful hotspots.

Describe Gray Line in one sentence:

Your partner for sightseeing tours in Munich and day trips in Bavaria and Austria.

What will be the highlight of Gray Line in 2021?

This year we will be making stops at “Summer in the City” again, which is a replacement for the Oktoberfest.

What story about Gray Line has never been told, but should be heard?

Gray Line has offered sightseeing tours in electric buses as early as 1907.

What else should you have done in Munich besides a tour with Gray Line?

A walk in the English Garden with a small stop at the Chinese Tower to refresh yourself with a beer.

Typically Munich is:

Barbecuing by the Isar River in the summer.

If you would like to learn more about our CityTourCard Munich partner, you can find more information here.

Featured photo by Gray Line

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