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5 questions to: Ludwig & Lola® City Tours

5 questions to: Ludwig & Lola® City Tours

We ask, our partners answer. Today with our new partner: Ludwig & Lola® city tours. With them you get unique glimpses behind the scenes of Munich and can participate in entertaining city tours as well as culinary tours.

Describe Ludwig & Lola® city tours in one sentence:

We at Ludwig & Lola® are there for all those who place special value on a personal interaction, who are looking for an authentic approach to the city and its people, and who appreciate getting unique glimpses behind the scenes.

What highlights will there be in 2022? 

Our most popular tours are still the city tour through Munich’s old town to the sights and along the unknown corners, our tour in the evening with the night guard through Munich and our Viktualienmarkt tasting tour – by the way the only vegetarian one in Munich! An absolute hit is our city tour for the youngest guests: the night guard for children. A very special highlight and only available with us is the tour “Alter Peter at night”. A nocturnal tower climb of the bell tower of St. Peter with the best view over Munich at night. Unique!

What distinguishes Ludwig & Lola® city tours from other city tours?

Our ultimate goal is to let our guests experience the best time here in Munich. To achieve this, we fully adapt to the respective group each time, offer an entertaining combination of information and entertainment and see ourselves as ambassadors of Munich. We make sure that guests feel at home in a very short time. How? We give them personal access to the city and its people, e.g. the traders at the Viktualienmarkt. With us, there are glimpses behind the scenes, surprising experiences and unique memories.

What should you definitely have seen in Munich?

The question is not only what you should have seen! We can list all the sights for you. Even the more secret spots are partly known. The question of what you should have seen WHEN is exciting: The crazy surfers on the Eisbach wave at 6:00 in the morning. The awakening Viktualienmarkt at 8:00 am. The quiet Hofbräuhaus in the morning at 10:00. And in the evening during the sunset we go up to the Alter Peter with you. Munich at night and from above. This is something you should have seen! 

Typical Munich is: 

That depends. Some people immediately mention the Hofbräuhaus, Schweinshaxn and Maximilianstraße. The others deny it and almost feel offended by the clichés. We say, that is also typical! That no one knows exactly and everyone has a different view of it. We suggest: Go on tour with us and find your own “Typically Munich”. We promise you, it will be something special. Maybe even including the Hofbräuhaus. 

If you would like to learn more about our CityTourCard Munich partner, you can find more information here.

Featured Picture by Ludwig & Lola® Stadtführungen

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