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5 Questions To: MVV (Munich Transport and Tariff Association)

5 Questions To: MVV (Munich Transport and Tariff Association)

We ask, our partners answer. Today with the Munich Transport and Tariff Association (MVV). Covering around 5,530 km², the MVV serves the city of Munich with climate-friendly vehicles.

Describe the MVV in one sentence:

The MVV takes you to your destination – car-free and climate-friendly.

Welches Highlight wird es 2021 im MVV geben? 

After lockdown and working remotely, you can finally experience Munich and the surrounding area in a new way. So get out to the countryside or into the city. With the MVV, of course. Please get on board!

What special story at MVV has never been told before, but should be heard?

Munich is considered the northernmost city in Italy. And it is! Hardly any other German metropolis is so pleasant to stroll through, enjoy the greenery of the parks and dive back into the urban hustle and bustle just around the corner. Admittedly, this is mainly thanks to Munich’s master builders, who were inspired by classicism and the Renaissance, the manageable size of its city center and, last but not least, the Föhn, which gives the people of Munich extra days of sunshine. But it also owes a little to the MVV, which spares Munich and its environs all too much car traffic. And at the same time it creates an unmistakable city identity! After all, what would Munich be without its streetcar, which has taken generations of Munich residents and visitors through the city?

Apart from the MVV partners, what else should you definitely have seen or experienced in Munich?

Enjoy the sunset over the city in the evening on the Hackerbrücke.

Typically Munich is:

… immediately grumble when the bus is three minutes late. But by the time they get off, they’ve forgotten their displeasure.

An overview with further cooperation partners can be found here.

Featured photo by MVV

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