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5 Questions to: Sea Life Munich

5 Questions to: Sea Life Munich

We ask, our partners answer. Today with Sea Life Munich. In the fascinating underwater world you can marvel at more than2,500 inhabitants from 260 species.

Describe the SEA Life Munich in one sentence:

SEA LIFE Munich is a dive through a species-rich and fascinating underwater world entirely without getting wet.

What will be the highlight of SEA Life Munich in 2022? What can visitors look forward to in 2022?

Highlights in 2022 will continue to be the newly opened tropical island and exciting events to join in, learn and have fun.  In spring, “Shark Live – On your teeth, ready, set, go” will be all about the kings of the seas. In summer, our guests can test their sporting skills against our animal Olympic stars as part of “50 Years of the Olympic Games in Munich”. And in October, it’s time to set sail, straighten your eye patch and polish your peg leg – for the Pirate Autumn at SEA LIFE Munich.

What should visitors definitely see at SEA Life Munich?

In any case, you should bring some time and look closely. Many animals live hidden or camouflage themselves well. If you bring a spirit of discovery, you can learn a lot of exciting things.

What else should you have seen in Munich besides SEA Life Munich?

In any case, the ascent to the tower is a great addition, for those who are already in the Olympic Park anyway. See Munich from above for once and check out the highlights of the city from above!

Typically Munich is:

The Isar – valuable nature in the middle of the big city. Historically used as a transport route by raft, it is not navigable, however, making it a popular destination for excursions. And of course, many native fish species such as trout, barbel, carp or pike can be discovered in the Isar.

If you like to learn more about our CityTourCard Munich partner, you can find more information here.

Featured Picture by Sea Life München

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