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5 questions to: Weis(s)er Stadtvogel

5 questions to: Weis(s)er Stadtvogel

We ask, our partners answer. Today with the Weis(s)er Stadtvogel. The Weis(s)er Stadtvogel shows you Munich according to your taste, with a culinary city tour.

Describe Weis(s)er Stadtvogel in one sentence:

The Weis(s)er Stadtvogel offers various, informative and entertaining city tours and events.

What highlights will there be in 2022?

A new highlight is our 3D Tour in Munich with pictures and impressions from the past.

What distinguishes Weis(s)er Stadtvogel from other city tours?

Our wide range of city tours and events as well as our city guides, some of whom have been delighting our guests for years.

What is a must-see in Munich?

The Viktualienmarkt, the Hofbräuhaus, the surfer wave at the English Garden, the Marienplatz.

Typically Munich is:

Village of millions, Munich joie de vivre and hospitality, pub culture.

If you want to know more about our CityTourCard Munich partner, you can find more information here.

Featured photo by Weis(s)er Stadtvogel

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