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7 Questions for the Olympic Park Munich

7 Questions for the Olympic Park Munich

We ask, our partners answer. Today with the Olympic Park in Munich, answered by press officer Tobias Kohler.

Describe the Olympic Park in one sentence:

A place that offers so much: Landscape and architecture, rock’n’roll and sports, action and tranquility, history and the future – there’s always something to experience here!

What highlight will there be in the Olympic Park in 2022?

Definitely the European Championships in August! Also: MASH, the Midsummer Night’s Dream and the Open Airs at the Olympic Stadium, starting with the Rolling Stones in early June.

What should visitors definitely see in the Olympic Park?

The 360-degree view from the Olympic Tower, the highest point in the city with a far-reaching view all the way to the Alps!

How will the 50th anniversary of the Olympic Park be celebrated this year?

With a great three-part exhibition on the Olympic Tower, in the Olympic Stadium and on Lake Olympia, plus countless activities throughout the city and a focus week in early July in the Olympic Park!

What’s the deal with “Waldi,” the mascot of the Summer Olympics?

The Waldi is still incredibly popular today: the shape, the colors and simply typically Munich. That’s why he’s back in a retro edition as a stuffed animal for the 50th anniversary.

What else should you see in Munich besides the Olympic Park?

A walk through the old town, through the Pinakothek area and through the English Garden, then you already have quite a good impression…

Typically Munich is:

Live and let live and in addition a freshly tapped Maß! 😊

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Photo by Fabian Stoffers

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