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Corona Travels: Hotel Life or Airbnb Life

Corona Travels: Hotel Life or Airbnb Life

At the beginning of my 3-day trip to Munich, I needed to decision – AirBnB Life or Hotel Life?

I am actually the hotel type for short trips but I this trip I decided to go with Hotel Motel One at Olympiapark, and possibly found a new favorite. The staff are friendly, but above all, you can jog right to the Olympic Park without hitting a single traffic light along the way.

Another advantage is being able to walk past our Munich partners and check in how everyone is doing along the way. Including Olympia Tower, Sea-Life, and more. So there is a leap of faith and I check in.

Nevertheless, I ask myself, “does a hotel work during Corona times?


A Hotel Life full of rules seems a little more exhausting and unassuming. Especially since life is already exhausting enough.

But here in the hotel, these rules don’t apply in the same way. Let me explain. Instead, around every corner these rules gave me a feeling that I knew what to do and in the end felt safe.

The ball was in my corner.

Friendly cautions were displayed around the building to be a reminder for guests to take safe measures at all times.


Among check-in, a fresh pen for every guest and one box for pens that have been used to be disposed of to reduce contact.

Disinfectants were practically everywhere in sight. In the elevators, in the stairwells, at the bar, at the entrance…

The breakfast buffet got creative, almost like a waltz between the staff. There were disposable gloves for use at the buffet, while the staff swooped around tables bringing drinks and juices over to your table.

But of course, you could take your mask off while eating. Otherwise things would get a little messy. The only challenge in the evening was planning breakfast for the following morning. But I managed to master that too – I was there to the dot and enjoyed my time. It was perfect.

A morning jog through Munich’s Olympic Park.


A clear “yes” to city trips and hotels. The employees in the hotels want to keep their guests and do a lot for them to feel safe.

My stay was quite pleasant, despite corona measures. Motel One at Olympiapark did this especially well.

Featured Photo by Marian Beck on Unsplash

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