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5 questions to: Airbräu – Bavarian culture

5 questions to: Airbräu – Bavarian culture

We are asking 5 questions and our partners are answering. Today we are talking to Airbräu at the Munich Airport.

Here you get original Bavarian delights, whether traditional delicacies or home-brewed beers.

Describe Airbräu in one sentence:

Unique Bavarian hospitality, culinary delights and home-brewed beer at Munich Airport.

What will be the highlight of Airbräu in 2021?

There will be several highlights, including our Airbräu Wiesn or the Airbräu Christmas market “Winterzauber”.

What should visitors definitely see/enjoy at Airbräu?

An absolute must is a tour of our brewery, a visit to our beer garden, and a taste of our home-brewed beer specialties and Bavarian Schmankerln.

What else should you definitely see in Munich besides the Airbräu?

The Königsplatz, the Allianz Arena and the Maximilianstraße.

Typically Munich is:

Tradition & Modernity

If you want to know more about our CityTourCard Munich partner, you can find more information here.

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