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Werksviertel-Mitte Art

The Space for Development

Art and culture lie at the very heart of Munich’s ‘Werksviertel-Mitte’ district. The whiteBOX project occupies 2,000 square metres of the building known as ‘WERK3’, providing ample space for artist studios. An approximately 300 m2 exhibition and event location. Not forgetting the various other studios and rehearsal rooms scattered throughout the rest of the Werksviertel. While this new Munich neighborhood behind the ‘Ostbahnhof’ train station gradually takes shape, the art world has already claimed it for itself.

Space to Evolve

Around 30 visual artists of all disciplines now ply their creative trade in the Werksviertel-Mitte. This includes ‘old hands’ who have had a studio on the premises for up to 20 years, along with young up-and-coming artists. As part of our artists-in-residence program, we also invite artists from other cities and countries to temporarily relocate their studio to the Werksviertel.

Our focal point therefore always involves the artistic exploration of the industrial, historical and architectural legacy of the Werksviertel, along with its communal and social spaces.

Space for Development

The whiteBOX is not a museum. The whiteBOX aspires to be a meeting point for the young companies, artists, and residents of the Werksviertel – along with visitors from other parts of Munich and far beyond. It offers a platform and stage for artists from all over the world and presents creative contemporary formats that transcend the ordinary.

The whiteBOX is the space for development. Art is lived in the whiteBOX – every day.

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