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Alexander Krist Theater

A dream comes true

As a cultural institution in Bavaria, at Alexander Krist Theater, have to ensure that the rules of distance, hygiene, and safety are observed. This means that all booked groups must be at least 1.5 meters away from the next group. Since this is not possible in our Close-up Table Magic Theater, we, unfortunately, have to suspend operations until further notice. We are looking forward to continuing.

From the Magic Table to the big stage. Alexander Krist proves that dreams can come true.

Alexander Krist, known for his unique Table Magic Theater, and even better known for the high standards he sets for his magic, fulfills a great wish and dares to step onto the big stage.

Many know the Table Magic Theater, built in the style of an ancient amphitheater, where guests sit in a semicircle around the magician’s table and watch the action up close and from a maximum distance of 4.5 meters. The style is elegant. Golden flowers in the entrance, red velvet curtains, and the theater room kept dark so that nothing distracts from the magic. Even David Copperfield has praised Alexander Krist for his tasteful theater. By jumping onto the big stage, he proves once again that all wishes can come true: The road was not easy, but if you want to achieve something, you can do it.

World premiere “The World’s Greatest Magic”

On 06.08. the world premiere is celebrated, the Kristelli Theater gets its magical appearance after a long “waiting time”. With the specially designed show “The World’s Greatest Magic”, the magical together takes its beginning, because the guest is here not only spectators but also directly involved in the show, the show revolves largely around the wishes of the guests and shows that time travel is possible.

An evening full of magic and magic in the magic tent, in the Kristelli Theater at the Olympiapark in Munich.

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