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An Interactive Exhibition

Cupboard, table or chair – many things that you know from everyday life are made of wood, i.e. they were once trees. But how does a tree actually become a table or chair? At the Kindermuseum Munich, the new exhibition “Wood”, everything revolves around this natural and versatile raw material. Follow the exciting path of a tree from its growth in the forest to its processing into an everyday object.

In the forest

Do you know how to count the age of trees? How do beavers build their dwellings and how do trees make good air for our climate? As a forest researcher, you will learn how important the forest habitat is for humans, animals, and our climate. You will learn to “read” the annual rings of trees and to distinguish between different types of wood. Find out how a tree drinks and supplies its leaves with water. Discover how the different forest inhabitants build their different dwellings and observe how a tree is felled.

Everything is made of wood

What are the different colors of wood and how hard can it be? How far can wood be bent and why doesn’t the wooden spoon get warm in the soup? In the laboratory, you can take a close look at wood and examine its many properties. Continue building a large wasp nest and try your hand at being an animal builder.

Join in

Have you found an interesting piece of wood in nature or do you have a small wooden object of your own? Then bring it along and exhibit it in the wood collection. Find out how collections for museums are created – design and experience how this collection grows more and more in the course of the exhibition.

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