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Getting to know the complex world in a creative way at the Kindermuseum in Munich

At the Munich Kindermuseum, young visitors are inspired to explore and discover our complex world creatively and with curiosity. Children's museums can now be found all over the world and in Germany the Munich Kindermuseum was one of the first. The exhibition themes are always linked to our living world, which means that children learn a lot during fun experiments and discoveries.

This is the new hands-on exhibition "Tülftelgenies"

All our everyday objects such as bicycles, trampolines, cars or jeans had to be invented a long time ago! But who were these inventors? And how did they come about? And which was the world's first invention? People had to tinker with many inventions for a long time; some discoveries came about as a result of misfortune, others purely by chance. Some tinkering geniuses were urgently looking for something new that didn't yet exist and suddenly had a flash of inspiration! In the "Tüftelgenies" exhibition, you can learn about the people behind many ideas. At the hands-on stations you can go on an exciting journey and discover funny stories about the inventions of the world. What ideas do you have? What would you like to invent? How do you imagine it and how could it work? Go on the hunt for flashes of inspiration - and become a tinkering genius too!

The idea of the exhibition

The hands-on exhibition "Tüftelgenies" is dedicated to the topic of inventions and the significance of these discoveries in the past, today and in the future. It shows the people and stories behind a variety of ideas that shape our living environment today. At the various stations, children can use all their senses and put their own inventive skills to the test. Furthermore, the focus is on the moment when the inventors came up with their flashes of inspiration.

A hands-on exhibition for ages 6 and up

You should be able to read for the exhibition or bring someone to read to you!

Duration of exhibition

13 May - 05 November 2023

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