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YOURcockpit Flight Simulator

Simulator Experience

YOURcockpit Flight Simulator Experience enables people to fulfill their dream of being the Pilot of a Commercial Aircraft for a day. Our simulators are replicas but real. So real, that Pilots train in them. Our YOURcockpit Flight Simulator Experience offer total immersion with a fully enclosed Cockpit.

You can fly to and from any of over 24 000 Airports around the World, with Hong Kong Kai Tak and St. Marten being firm favorites.

Our Instructors guide our Customers through this experience of a lifetime. iPILOT has been featured by CNN, The Sunday Times, BBC London, The Observer, German TV Sat 1 and RTL. It has been voted by Sunday Times Travel as one of the hottest things to do…

YOURcockpit Virtual Tour

Take a seat in the cockpit and fly around the world to more than 24,000 airports. The unique experience for all ages.

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