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The green lung of Munich

There has been a botanical Garden in Munich since 1809. Initially, the Nymphenburg Botanical Gardens were located between Stachus and the main railway station. Today, this park is known as the Old Botanical Garden. However, it soon became too cramped in the city center and the air pollution was too high. A new green lung was to be created on a larger area.

The new botanical garden, 21.20 hectares in size, was laid out in Nymphenburg in 1914. Since 1966, the two gardens, the Botanical State Collection and the Institute for Systematic Botany of the Ludwig Maximilian University, which are located on the same site, have been under joint management. The Botanical Garden is also an important training center for gardening apprentices and students.

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Unique flora and fauna

The Munich-Nymphenburg Botanical Garden, the green paradise in the heart of the state capital Munich, offers its visitors an extraordinary variety of plants from different climatic regions of the world. Guests can stroll through the impressive 21.20 hectares of Nymphenburg Palace Park and discover unique botanical treasures.

The greenhouses, which cover an area of 4,500 square meters, offer insights into humid tropical regions, the tropical rainforest and the flora of hot deserts and cool tropical mountain forests. Visitors can embark on a botanical journey around the world without leaving Munich, observing beautiful plants in their natural habitat.

Seasonal highlights

While there is plenty to discover all year round in the Botanic Garden's extensive open spaces and impressive greenhouses, there are special times when the garden shines in particular splendor. In spring and summer, the grounds present themselves with an explosion of colors and scents. From blooming roses in the rose garden to a variety of alpine plants in the Alpinum, the garden offers unique, summery moments.

The extraordinary variety of over 14,000 plant species makes every visit a special experience. Whether for a relaxing stroll, bird and insect watching, or simply to daydream under the soft fronds of the palm trees in the Palm House - the Munich-Nymphenburg Botanical Garden is worth a visit at any time of year.

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